Extiting Play Mode Takes Too Much Time

I’m developing 2d simulation game on unity.

As I instantiate thousands of game object, I understand that it might take few seconds on entering play mode and loading the Scene

But I don’t get the reason why it takes decades to exit the scene or playmode.

I’ve checked the profiler and it has shown that “Editor Loop” takes about 17000 ms on the frame that exits the game.

So I thought that it should be just the problem of the editor and it will work fine on Build.

However, when I tried exiting the scene on the build file, it just froze and had no response at all.

I’m really frustrated with the issue, somebody please give me a hand.

I’m attaching the screenshot of the profiler.

Probelm solved. It was due to the polygon collider atttached on the object. Now I have much more problems lol…