Extra Files in Assets

When using an asset from the Asset Store, there are extra files in there such as Demos. Obviously, we do not want these demos in the final product.

When publishing, does Unity automatically exclude these irrelevant files? Or do we need to go through all of our downloaded assets and determine what is needed and what should be deleted?

I believe I’ve found the answer to your question here:

Unity strips most unused assets during
the build, so you don’t gain anything
by manually removing assets from the
project. The only assets that are not
removed are scripts (which are
generally very small anyway) and
assets in the Resources folder (since
Unity can’t determine which of these
will be needed and which won’t).

What I take away from this is that anything that is not referenced directly in one of the scene files included in the Build (assigned in the build menu), is not included in the final build. So the Demos and other files would be excluded.

If you want to test which files are included, the link above also talks about viewing the Editor Log which details which files are, and are not included in the build.

When you make a build Unity will go and only use the assets that are a part of the scenes in your build. So no worries about extra unused assets in your build, Unity will take care of that for you. Well isn’t that nice of you Unity :slight_smile: