Extract 1 animation from an FBX


Recently I got a bunch of animations to use in Unity with the great Mecanim re-targeting system. My problem is the files are large FBX’s and I’d like to extract only the animations that I want to use so that I can send Animator Controller files and individual animations to the programmer for linking the variables etc. without having to send the large FBX.

Any ideas? I would really appreciate some help on this one.:face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Hi dbonejones

First at all ,prepare your animation in FBX file as you wish (for eg. select LooP Time,Loop Pose ,Root Transform Position and so on) because after extracting there is no “Aapplay” button
Select animation inside FBX file and Ctrl-D. Animation will appear oudside .FBX file as .anim file.
That’s it:)


OMG, I am an Unity noob, I was about to go bald, my desk is filled with hair trying to figure out how to do this in the past two days. The more search I did, the more confused and puzzled I was. Until I stumbled on this post. It never occurred to me that a simple duplicate will do the trick. Thanks mirek_mazur :slight_smile:


You rock! Thank you


Thank you dbonejones for the question
And big thanks for yor answer mirek_mazur

That is a cool little trick… Can you not right click and save as/ export/extract/animation? seems a little odd to only have it as a keyboard shortcut don’t you think?

Is it possible to do the same for mesh components within an FBX as well? nope… just tried and it duplicates the entire thing - doh!

EDIT: I have SKELE, and was able to export a specific mesh out of the .fbx as .dae thankfully :slight_smile:

It doesn’t work. No mater how many times I press Ctrl+D on a animation part of an fbx it doesn’t create any separate files :frowning:

UPD: managed to make it work - looks like Unity don’t like the “|” character in animation name that blender pastes into all animation names for some reason :frowning:

watch out, if you delete the fbx the animation file will stop to working... at least for me :sweat_smile:

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Hey guys! So something that's been bugging me for quite some time now with Mecanim's .fbx export, is that the animation will export bullet physics, and armature animation, but it neglects to incorporate any facial blender shape keys, versus exporting a model from blender (with an imported animation) and having facial shape keys working, but no bullet physics, and risks of the armature not moving as intended, (legs twisting and clipping through the ground) very frustrating. Is there a workaround to resolve this? I was thinking of the idea to export (duplicate as explained in this post) the Mecanim's fbx animation, and the animation from a blender export, then somehow merge the two together in Unity's Animation tab (with some tweaking between the two animations) to get the desired result, but I'm unsure if you can copy the desired animation frames from either of the two animations, and paste them into either/or into another new animation, and still have it work with the intended .fbx model. Any ideas? It would be most appreciated!:p

this does not work in 2018feb

Why does this not work recently? I really want to use it.

If your animation named, for example - Spider_Armature|Jump (with symbol "|"), you must rename it without this symbol/ For example, Spider_Armature_Jump. So, Ctr+D will create animation out of fbx model

Bravo! Many thanks to mirek_mazur

Thank you!

Thank youu!!!

Now how do I put the animation clip under a new .fbx?

Holy Bones! Thank you dude!

Thank you!

Legend. Ctrl+D