Extracting Numbers from String Place JS

I’m trying to create a multidimensional array using only one string.
Let’s say the printed output of turn[45] is:

Turns45 Lives39 Posx76.899 Posy3.445

How would I go about extracting the string into four separate ints like this:

Turns = 45
Lives = 39
Posx = 76.899
Posy = 3.445


You could easily use string.Split for this, however, you would need to have some sort of separator between the variable names and values, like this:

bigstring = "Turns=45 Lives=39 Posx=76.899 Posy=3.445";

Then you could split the string by spaces by doing this:

// The [0] is needed in C#, but I dunno about js.
stringarray = bigstring.Split(" "[0]);

Which would return a string array like this:

[ "Turns=45" , "Lives=39" , "Posx=76.899" , "Posy=3.445" ]

Finally, you could split the strings in stringarray by “=”, and store the values.

// these lines of code take each element from the array, split the by the "=", and set the variable to
// the second item in the array that returns.
// For example, for Turns, the first item ( "Turns=45" ) is split,
// which returns this: [ "Turns" , "45" ]
// Then the second item, the "45", is converted to an int: 45
// and is finally stored in Turns.
// This proccess is repeated for each variable, except Posx and Posy are floats.
Turns = int.Parse(stringarray[0].Split("="[0])[1]);
Lives = int.Parse(stringarray[1].Split("="[0])[1]);
Posx = float.Parse(stringarray[2].Split("="[0])[1]);
Posy = float.Parse(stringarray[3].Split("="[0])[1]);