Extremely Confused about these errors

Hello, I am a complete beginner. I downloaded a Free_Rocks package from the asset store. i added a few rocks to my world and then was prompted by these 4 errors that I can not get rid of. I went backwards and even got rid of the rocks but the problem still persists. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be incredible.

you need to get in touch with the author of the asset or fix each of the errors yourself. when you try to import older assets into newer versions of unity, there are warnings that this might not be compatible.

to fix them, double click on each error - unity will load up your code editor (and hopefully at the correct line number too).

the error message provides information about how to do this for some errors.

for the first error about the rigidbody, add the following before the if statement:

var rigidbody = GetComponent<Rigidbody>();

to fix the highlighted one, you’d change something like:

var characterController : CharacterController = _target.collider;


var characterController : CharacterController = _target.GetComponent(Collider);

that should give you some insight into how the fix the others… no point taking all the fun away :wink: