Extrude building mesh like Showdrop

Im currently working with Probuilder to create a city.
I saw this video from snowdrop engine where they made it possible to create a new mesh that looks like this building (see picture).
Does Unity have a similar feature like shown in the video around 1:56?
So is it posible to create a 3D mesh building that is easy to extrude?

Snowdrop Engine @ GDC 2014 [US] - YouTube

This will no be possible to do with only ProBuilder.

What’s happening in the video is that they have a specific tool to draw buildings base shape and it will automatically generate the building facades with windows + doors + what you want.

You can still do something similar by script, or use a plugin like those : Building Crafter | Modeling | Unity Asset Store and BuildR Procedural Building Generator | Modeling | Unity Asset Store