Extruding tube animation possible in Unity?

I want to create and play an animation either in Unity or from Maya to Unity that has a tube’s end snaking through the scene (like a more fluid Windows 98 pipe screensaver). I know how to accomplish this in Maya through a cv curve, but I don’t know how to have it work in Unity. Any ideas?

I solved my problem for the most part. What I did was that I did capture the animation in Maya. Instead of extruding the mesh, I bound some joints to a cylinder and had the joints follow the cv curve/motion path.

One thing I tried, but got mixed results, was having Unity particle system follow a spline path (Hermite Spline Controller). I got the result that I wanted except you could clearly see each individual particle. While there is a way around this, I’m sure, I didn’t want to spend more time figuring that out.