Eye texture not working and deformed model Blender to unity

I’m making a character for my first Unity game in Blender, and created some moveable eyes. Once I export as an FBX, then import into Unity, then extract the textures, and place the model onto my scene, the eye textures (Material.001 & Material.002) are grey and do not look like how they’re supposed to. One thing I noticed as well, was the two eye meshes (modified circle meshes) didn’t have their own prefab inside the character model fbx menu (that arrow thing on the right side of the icon). For example, the cube mesh (though it really looks like a bean/capsule) has a cube mesh, and a cube prefab. Same for the other meshes, but the eyes do not, and they only have the mesh. One more thing worth mentioning, was that there is some slight deformation on the back of the bean, not sure why, but need some help fixing it.

screenshots: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vzdzu02x64gr027/screenshots.zip/file

I know it might seem sketchy but all the screenshots (4) after zipping were 3 mb or so and were too big to attach here so I had to upload somewhere else.

  • The deformation has something to do with your topology.
  • Blender’s shader nodes can’t be passed to Unity. Make sure you bake it into a texture image.

Bake Screenshot