EZ Gui positioning

Right guys, i’m having problems with the EZGui positioning.

If i position my object to where i want it in a large screen i.e. (1280x800 landscape) then it doesn’t position correct for the smaller screen size (480x320 landscape)



Here is a bit of C# code to demonstrate. It would be attached to the same object as the placement script and be part of the Start() method for the class. I’m away from my desk, so I cannot test it.

void Start() {
    int width = (int)((float)Screen.width / 1280.0f * 100.0f);
    int height = (int)((float)Screen.height / 800.0f * 100.0f);
    EZScreenPlacement ezsp = GetComponent<EZScreenPlacement>();
    exsp.PositionOnScreen(width, height, 356.4116);

The third parameter is based on your settings above. I think it will be ignored since you have “IgnoreZ” set, but I don’t know without playing with it.