Face detection in Unity

I would need help with a task we need to do for one of our project. We would simply need to detect a face in a webcam image on a PC, so we can cut the face from the image and paste it on another image. It does not need to be realtime, but it could be useful. We don’t have much time for this, so it would need to be easy enough to implement.

I know the topic has been talked about a bit here, but we have difficulties finding an easy solution to this task. I’ve seen some YouTube videos of face tracking plugins in Unity, but all of them seem impossible to find on the internet. Vuforia doesn’t have a face tracking solution. The Face Tracking Starter Kit works only with a Kinect. Face API for a commercial project is way too expensive. This leaves us with very few options.

If someone would be kind enough to give us hints for a potential solution, it would be very appreciated.

Did you try EmguCV?