Facebook and Twitter Integration with Unity for iOS and Android

I am new bee in Unity Development and developing an app in which I want to share a Image with Text on user’s wall On Facebook and Twitter. I googled and got few links which says that buys plugins Prime31, I getting bit confuse on Followings.

How to Integrate Facebook and Twitter in Unity without buying any external plugins, like we can do easily in xcode.
If there are available free of cost Plugins, What are the links for tutorial and any helping Material, so that i can easily hookup with my app.
Can we do this task without plugins like in xcode we just need Facebook SDKs and same with twitter.

Maybe you should check out UniShare, most of code are written in c# on unity3d side, leaves code of plugin side really simple. And it’s easy to extend. It’s support OAuth1.0&OAuth2.0, with full source code, you should easy to fix it out.

You can use Prime31 Social Networking Plugin for ios as well as Android. Here is the link using this Plugins, you should be able to integrate Facebook and Twitter in very short time. Here is the link for them for both ios and android.

Here are the links for the plugins http://prime31.com/plugins# so that you can cost them . Do note this plugins will cost you 130 USD total for both android and ios.

You can also create your own one if you want to develop this yourself instead of using prime31.


That is the way i did atleast for ios and you will also learn in this process.