Facebook and Unity - Deployed Game not opening

I’m using Chrome and it shows this ‘Shield’ Icon when opening a game that’s deployed on Facebook. It was fine at first because I was using http url for the unity3d binary but now I’ve shifted to https and I still have to click the "Load unsafe script " button.

Am I missing something? Its been days since I’ve shifted to the HTTPS server.


Okay Chrome says:

[blocked] The page at ‘https://integrated-plugin-canvas-175929225942878-1163022619.fbsbx.com/apps/…S3NQyAt0NUGFc-WQ2TRvsLmmMGzC9cWxjI7U4eKaZw&fb_source=search&ref=ts&fref=ts’ was loaded over HTTPS, but ran insecure content from ‘http://www…’: this content should also be loaded over HTTPS.

Why is it still loading content from http when I’ve hosted on https and given https in the unity binary path?