Facebook Android SDK won't post to wall.

As the title suggests, everything works nicely except the FB.Feed function. It works on Unity editor though. On Android, I can initialize and login succesfully. Finally Facebook asks me for permission for my app, I accept it, then nothing happens. I tried to call the function seperately but that didn’t work either. I tried older Facebook SDKs but no luck.

Everything seems to be in order including bundle name, key hash, manifest additions. I call the functions of InteractiveConsole.cs from my JS script that is attached to the same game object.

If there is anyone out there who is banging their head to the wall, here is the solution:

Even though I did everything correctly for Key Hash generation, it seems that Facebook SDK decided to use a completely different key hash for the game. To learn the key hash that the SDK uses, I changed AndroidFacebook.cs a little bit, in order to make it log the key hash so that I can learn it via logcat. In the OnLoginComplete function I changed the following code:

if (parameters.ContainsKey("key_hash"))
   keyHash = (string)parameters["key_hash"];
   Debug.Log("Used Key Hash : " + keyHash);

I got it from the logcat by saving the log as a txt file. And here it is!


Now all you have to do is copy and paste this hash to the Application settings page.