Facebook API returning always empty data

I am trying to use some picures from facebook inside my unity project. The project is setup right, I can login, receive the friend list and can upload pictures. But the following API call always return an empty data object:

// get all albums
FB.API("me/albums?fields=id", Facebook.HttpMethod.GET, GetAllAlbumsCallback);

// or get all pictures
FB.API("me/pictures?fields=id", Facebook.HttpMethod.GET, GetAllAlbumsCallback);

The result is always


without any errors. When I try the same API calls in the Graph API Explorer, I get the IDs as expected. I am also using the user_photos permission, which seems to work in general since I can upload pictures.

Anybody ran into the same problem and knows a work arround?

You have to set permission “user_photos” to access to album of you and your friends