Facebook App ID issues (IOS and Android)

I have been having issues with Facebook SDK returning “error has occurred, please try again later” or the log in prompt is just blank page when using different App ID.

I have integrated Facebook SDK into unity and set up my app on Facebook developers website. I filled in the website with all the information required. Bundle ID , Key Hashes est. Then entered my app ID into the Facebook SDK inspector.

The first app i created on a dev Facebook account everything worked fine. You can log in and post to your feed.

Then I created a app on a different Facebook account entered the same data, then copied the new App ID and entered into Unity.

Now when I press the log in button it will open a blank web page in the browser. Or create a pop up in game with says “error has occurred, please try again later”.

For sake of argument I entered the old app ID back in and it all works fine.

I checked the dev accounts details to see if any issues, everything is the same.

Strange. Any ideas :slight_smile:

Hey I had a problem “similar to this” just 2 hours ago and I just wanted to say i’ve found a solution I had been testing my feed dialog and i had gotten everything to work with the facebook graph api explorer but it wouldn’t work when i tried it with my app id, like you i installed the key hash & java sdk all of it, but it still wouldn’t work!
so I found out since my app is not published I have to use the same facebook developer account I use for my app to see the debug api error code instead of “error has occurred, please try again later”. anyways that was my fix I just used my developer account and it showed me the error api instead of “error has occurred, please try again later”. Double check if your using yours and your app is not viewable by the public!

(I hope this will solve your problem.)_KHJ