Facebook apprequest problem

I’m having problem with Facebook integration. This is the error I get:

error CS1501: No overload for method ‘AppRequest’ takes ‘6’ arguments

And here’s my code:

to: null,
filters : "",
excludeIds : null,
message: "Friend Smash is smashing! Check it out.",
title: "Play Friend Smash with me!",
callback: appRequestCallback

The problem you are experimenting is because of the Facebook SDK version…

your call should look like:

			 _INVITE_MESSAGE,    // String message
			 null,               // List of ids to exclude
			 null,               // User Filter
			 null,               // Excluded Ids
			 50,                // Max invites
			 string.Empty,             // Data Text
			 _INVITE_TITLE,      // Invite title
			 InviteCallback      // callback method

This change was made from 5.1 to 6.0

Hope this helps you.

I solved this by removing all arguments exept two:

FB.AppRequest(message: "Challenge message", callback:appRequestCallback);