Facebook Connect for Android with Unity3D?

Hi, im want to make a facebook connect and Twitter using unity for android where i can post my score into the wall and twit. It was easy making it for iPhone but for android i had no idea. Any help?

you need to write java code and call it from in unity. its very complicated and has been giving me a headache the last couple days lol.

  1. git the Facebook Javascript SDK for Android to somewhere other than your Unity project:
    git clone git://github.com/facebook/facebook-android-sdk.git

  2. Add a build.xml file to the root folder of the Facebook SDK:

    Facebook SDK
  3. Run “ant jar” on this project to compile the jar file

  4. Get IKVM from here: http://www.ikvm.net/ ; install it; add to your PATH

  5. Run “ikvmc myFBPlugin.jar -target:library” to get myFBPlugin.dll. It should be somewhere around 22-24k, depending on how you count your k

  6. Drop myFBPlugin.dll, along with all the DLLs that come with IKVM into your Unity project assets folder (not the plugins folder)

  7. Create a C# script in your Unity project using the facebook SDK to create accessors

    using UnityEngine;
    using com.facebook.android;

  8. Integrate Facebook into your Unity Android app!

Sorry for the late reply, i already left unity a long time ago. Maybe this link can help: