Facebook FB.Feedshare missing Linkname, Linkcaption, Linkdescription

Hey guys, i have a problem with FB.Feedshare.

public void FeedShare()
    FB.FeedShare(link: new System.Uri("mywebsite"),
        linkName: "your score: " + score,
        linkCaption: "caption this",
        linkDescription: "that is me describing link",
        callback: FeedCallback);

Feedshare works except for Linkname, Linkcaption, Linkdescription.
If i use website url then facebook is posting my website description as title and description. If i use picture url then same thing happens. If i share without any links then i get error on my android device say something about missing “href”

Does someone know what causes this problem?
What could i do to share my players score to the Facebook Feed?

I have the same problem, any solutions yet?

I guess it’s a general problem

The sharelink now takes properties from the website itself, take a look at this websites source code: http://socialevent.mx/mirrorwebapp/sites/foto.php?img=636551232914581618.png