facebook friends list

I try to get a list of my friends from facebook. I used this example https://github.com/fbsamples/friendsmash-unity/blob/master/friendsmash_complete/Assets/Scripts/MainMenu.cs

as I know facebook don’t show friends that don’t have the app, so for this reason I added an administrator and testers (not pending) to my app.

this is my permissions and a facebook API query

string facebookQuery = “/me?fields=id,first_name,friends.limit(20).fields(first_name,id)”;
string facebookPremissions = “public_profile,user_friends,email,publish_actions,friends_games_activity”;

I got this json back from facebook:


I miss something! why I don’t get my friends from the facebook? or at least test users?
what my friends should to do?


I used to test FB with test users. On test users right side you can make them friends to each other. Than in the same place you can get test account token. Login with that as a test user (in editor) and all should be fine.

Even if you add your real friends as testers, they need to grand permission to the app in order to be returned.