Facebook integration: upload post without asking login


To integrate Facebook, now I’m using soomla plugin. It requires to integrate Facebook SDK for unity as well as soomla plugin. And after integration, when uploading a post for the first time to Facebook by using the app, it always ask users to login with Facebook or to give a permission.

But in other famous games, for example crossy road, they never ask me to log in and seem to be using iOS naive SDK. In addition, according to this link, a developer doesn’t need to submit an app to Facebook to get login permission. Even it seems that Facebook SDK is not necessary.

So, the questions are :

  1. “using social framework”, is this the way to not asking login?
  2. Is it true that a developer doesn’t need to submit an app to Facebook to get login permission? If this is true, then I’m really confused about this. Why does getting Facebook login permission depend on what tools a developer used?
  3. If 1 and 2 are true, then are there any ways to achieve this via unity, by not touching iOS source code, so that one can make this working in Android platform, too?

Sorry if this is a dumb question. I search for an answer for days, but I couldn’t find any answers.

I believe Crossy Road uses the iOS native sharing dialog, rather than connecting via the Facebook SDK. Unity doesn’t come with a standard way to access the iOS or Android native share UI out of the box but I wrote a small plugin to do it GitHub - NicholasSheehan/Unity-Native-Sharing: A Unity plugin to open native sharing dialogs on iOS and Android, primarily for text and files