Facebook integration with the latest version of FB

Hi there, I have been testing how to build Facebook Apps many times, but everytime I get back to it, the standards have changed a little (or more).

I’ve used Flash intgration before and since I have moved onto Unity now, I would like to see how easy it would be to make a simple “Hello World” application with a 3D text spinning in Unity webplayer.

I am looking for guides/solutions/knowledge of DO’s and DONT’s with Unity and FB together.

I would like to pull the user’s ID, the image of the user AND friendlist/ID’s too. So that we can put their “ugly faces” into the application too… just for the fun of it.

Where do I start? Do we still make FB Frames, or do we use FB javascripts to pull the data first, then make a lot of calls to the browser’s javascript from Unity or HOW do I start on this.

A simple link to a HelloUnity for Facebook would be enough to get me started. I am fully aware of how to create an application in FB and I have my own server/domain to host the application too.

So, its only Unity->FB I am worryied/curious about.

Is there a simple answer to this or am I in the wrong place?

Shoot me… :o)

I would hope that the FB solutions in the Asset Store would keep updated with the latest whims of Facebook. I gave up on it long ago because the kept changing things. But if one of those add-ons in the Asset Store will keep up to date, it would be totally worth it.