Facebook Invite Link it's missing or incorrect.

I have added in my app the possibility to invite Facebook friends to try the app. However there’s an error.

Missing App Link URL The app link used
with this invite does not contain an
Android or iOS URL. Developers are
required to enter a URL for at least
one platform.

The problem is that I can’t know which device is going to open the link, so I can’t set a fixed link.
So in my code I have added a link, taken from a third-party webservice, that it will redirect the person who have clicked it to the Android market if the device is Android, to App Store if device is iOS or to a default page if the device is neither Android or iOS. But it seems to not be a valid link.

This is my code.

			new Uri("https://appurl.io/j5ggj0k4"),
			new Uri("https://scontent-mxp1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/20229426_108468659782081_2436466109604231860_o.jpg?oh=c592643283f5a0ac3e22bb5552ef1e24&oe=59F247CA"),

EDIT: I have search a little and it seems I have to use this page: (right?)

This is how I set it but it’s not working, properly. I click on the generated link from my Android device it opens the Facebook’s page, not the Play Store’s page.

EDIT: I have seen that in Unity, in Facebook setting there is this option, that seems to do the cross platform job. But what am I supposed to write here? There is no documentation about this.

Hi, did you manage this problem? I’m trying to implement FB.Mobile.AppInvite, but cannot create App Link . I know that Facebook hosted App Links in the past, and developers could configure them via Page Not Found - Meta for Developers. But this is not working anymore.