Facebook Login and Logout problem

I can log in to facebook through
FB.LogInWithReadPermissions (new List (){“public_profile”, “email”, “user_friends” },AuthCallback);

After that I call I call FB.Sharelink and share the link. Its all working fine. But when I do
FB.Logout() and do FB.LogInWithReadPermissions again its returns the same user so I am always logged in with the same user. I want the other user to log in and share thier stuff as well.Can anybody guide me?


Is the Facebook app installed in your phone? as per my experience, Here are few solutions -

  1. If yes, then you should log out that user from the app cause if the app is installed in phone then the facebook unity sdk gets the current logged in user credentials from the app.So,logout from the app and then try again.
  2. If you are not using the app then check that the same facebook account in logged into your browsers facebook. And try logout from there and login from the app again.
  3. if you have enabled cookies,logging,status true in the facebook init method in your script or in the editor setting then try to set those to false. (maybe this could be an issue)