Facebook Login - Android

Hi Guys,

I ahve sifted through the forums and Answers and have not yet found an answer to my problem.

I am using the latest official (non-BETA) Facebook SDK for Unity, have my app set up in Facebook developers but am unable to login.

I am using the example page to begin with and when I click Sign in I get the FB dialogue asking for my email and password, it checks for authorisation (or tells me I have already authorised), then returns to the screen un-logged in. IsLoggedIn shows False.

I have ran a debug to get the “correct” hashkey as per some topics’ suggestions but still have no luck.

I do not have Facebook app on my device, and assume the script Here will give me the same hashkey I received from my debug?


For anyone else having my issue with connecting - try the latest (beta) SDK. It could be that it forced me to regenerate my manifest, or that they fixed some code, but either way it has resolved my issue.