Facebook Login Invalid App Id : 0

Hello, I have been stuck in a loop for a few days now. When I test my app in Unity the Facebook login works fine. I have added it to the Play Store and downloaded to test and I get invalid app id 0 when attempting to log in on my devices. I have checked and rechecked code. I ran a Debug.Log at Init and it shows the correct app id when initializing. I have gone through every facebook setting I can find.

I compiled the examples in the sdk and ran them on a tablet and got the same result. I have no idea where to go from here.

Problem is in the Facebook’s setting window, It doesn’t pass any parameters during their init.

If you debug in the logcat during app start you will found app id was 0.

There’re 2 overload method for FB.Init()

Use another one to pass your app id manually.

Done. WT* Facebook. Give my 3 days back.