Facebook Plugin - FB.init() do nothing in stand alone web


I just deploy Facebook plugin export as web platform to my https server, and provide direct link in “Facebook Dev Center” to my “web.unity3d” file

If I run my application on facebook:

and press “FB.init” button, it worked like a charm :slight_smile:

However if I go to my https server directly and try to run web.html which load web.unity3d without integrating in into the Facebook website, then:
It loads up, I hit FB.init button and nothing happend…

No error or any other message which would hint me what is wrong…

Do you have any ideas why the same application works inside Facebook website and does not work as stand alone without wrapping it into facebook page?

Is it even possible to have customers who can play your game on FB, or play it outside of FB, on your own website from the same web.unity3d file?

For ‘security reasons’ the FaceBook Unity API does not function on webplayer unless it is within FaceBook canvas.

I suspect the ‘security reasons’ may have something to do with who gets the revenue for advertising posted next to your games.

I think its still possible to integrate FaceBook, but it will require a lot more work