Facebook popup hidden behind Unity Object in Chrome

Hi, I made a facebook apps for my Unity game. It basically able to show friend list, buy credit, and earn credit pop up. It shows up fine with firefox, opera, but not in Chrome.
In Chrome, the popup is hidden behind the Unity Object.
Is there any way to fix this by changing the embed param? Anyone has experience the same thing? Or should I ask facebook for help?

Notes: The page only contains full page Unity game and I only use the embed code straight from the template given.

these two simple functions in web page JS i’d use to show facebook popups

function ShowGameWindow() {
  uni.style.width = '100%';
  uni.style.height = '100%';
  document.getElementById("UnityPrompt").style.height = '100%';
function HideGameWindow() {
  uni.style.width = '1px';
  uni.style.height = '1px';

I has many hour for try…
My Answer…
Does not matter if, Have change ‘FB.ui display type’ to ‘popup’