Facebook SDK 7.10- Unity 2017 - Display Profile Picture

I get IGraphResult as null, hence the texture as null too.
Here is the API call:

FB.API("me/picture?type=square&height=128&width=128", HttpMethod.GET, DisplayPhoto);

Here is the callback function:

void DisplayPhoto(IGraphResult result)
            if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(result.Error))
               _profilePic.sprite = Sprite.Create(result.Texture, new Rect(0, 0, 128, 128), new Vector2());
            else if(result.Error == null)
                Debug.Log("heeeeee " + result.Error);

Hi, I’m not sure if you fixed this issue but I have been trying to tackle it all day. You can get the direct image URL using this:

FB.API("/me/picture?redirect=false", HttpMethod.GET, ProfilePhotoCallback);

Then you can use that URL to download the image file directly. I know its a silly way of doing it considering the API used to work out the box but it’ll get you your image! Here is the code below to get the image using the URL:

private void ProfilePhotoCallback (IGraphResult result)
     if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(result.Error) && !result.Cancelled) { //if there isn't an error
         IDictionary data = result.ResultDictionary["data"] as IDictionary; //create a new data dictionary
         string photoURL = data["url"] as String; //add a URL field to the dictionary
         StartCoroutine(fetchProfilePic(photoURL)); //Call the coroutine to download the photo
 private IEnumerator fetchProfilePic (string url) {
     WWW www = new WWW(url); //use the photo url to get the photo from the web
     yield return www; //wait until it has downloaded
     this.profilePic = www.texture; //set your profilePic Image Component's sprite to the photo

Hope this helped!

Same problem here. Apparently from what I could find out so far there is no fix. We need to wait for Facebook to update the Unity SDK. It seems there are workarounds, but they involve a lot of fiddling with the request/response. There is no date set for the new Facebook SDK as of 15-Aug-2017, but I imagine soon… fingers crossed.
Here’s a link with more details:

Try with a forward slash before “me”:

FB.API("/me/picture?type=square&height=128&width=128", HttpMethod.GET, DisplayPhoto);