Facebook SDK and ADColony Compatible in iOS?

It seems both of these plugins using PostProcessBuild doesn’t compatible, FacebookSDK files will not be posted to xcode project since AdColony is implemented, i wondering does anyone met the same issues?

P.S: i had changed the order of PostProcessBuild of both plugins, but it solve nothing :frowning:

Thanks for support, i’m using Facebook Official Unity Plugin SDK, the issue will be occured if only i implement AdColony Plugins,
Here’s the screenshot:


Hello again Tobias88!

We have resolved the issue you are experiencing.

In order to use our solution you will need to delete the file “AdColonyPostProcessBuild.cs” from your editor folder and re-import that file from the AdColony package.

You can find the package located at this link.

Import the downloaded package, making sure to re-import the “AdColonyPosteProcessBuild.cs” file. Now, you should be able to build the project without issues.

Please let us know if you encounter any new issues!


AdColony Support