Facebook sdk and KEYSTORE MISSING

Hello community,

Im trying to make some event via FB SDK. Now its first time im trying to use it. But i cant handle it.

The Error is :
“Your android debug keystore file is missing! You can create new one by creating and building empty android project in Ecplise”

My problem is:

ONE: i dont know my External tool was correct or not:

  • this is a path of SDK: C:/Users/hdtnl_000/AppData/Local/Android/android-sdk

  • path of JDK: C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.8.0_102

i cant create new keystore by UNITY: Edit > Project settings > Player > Publishing settings, Or download Ecplise following FB SDK guide

i was try to search my problem and it shown me some result but i still cant fix my problem.

i cant figure out the file named

my unity version: 5.5.0f3

my fb sdk: v7.9.0

Please, someone help me

im still cant fix it, pls some help me Create new keystore :frowning: