Facebook SDK - Creating in game scoreboard.

I want to create an in game scoreboard, for my players to compete with their friends.

From what I understand this require the “publish_actions” permission, which requires my app to go through a login review, where Facebook needs to see how I use the permission.

But how can they see how I use the permission if I can’t add the feature with out?

Has anyone gone through this review?


Read the developer docs here:

As a developer of the application you can prompt and grant any permissions you design your application to ask for, login review approved or not. Facebook users who are not a developer of your application will not see these permissions until you pass Login Review. This allows developers to test permissions before they are approved and shown to the public.

You can add people as one of the App Roles to your application to test any not yet reviewed functionality. See Roles: Advanced Settings - Meta App Development - Documentation - Meta for Developers

In addition to App Roles you can create test users for your application. See Test Users: Test Users - Meta App Development - Documentation - Meta for Developers