Facebook SDK in Game, Facebook says it has an Invalid Key Hash?

Hey guys, I game a game, and in the game I have the Facebook SDK, except in order to conform to my game being heavily coded in Javascript, the Facebook folder was put into my Plugins Folder, except for the Editor Folder, which I have put under Assets/Facebook/Editor, because it would give me errors otherwise.

Anyway, I did the steps to gain the key hash using the CMD Prompt, and OpenSSL from Google Code. I could not get it to work though, because for some reason it said the process I was trying to access did not exist, even though it did.

I looked online, and found this tool:

I downloaded it, and filled out the information, and it gave me this hash:

So I put this hash in my Facebook App Page on developers.facebook.com, and published my app, and downloaded the APK onto my Android device, opened it up, and tried the Share button, and the facebook SDK tells me this:

Invalid key hash. The key hash Vn+6tUYKfqhLr3TGqF8Qx7km8P4 does not match any stored key hashes. Configure your app key hashes at [my app page url].

Why is it looking for this hash, and not the other one? Should I just use the hash the facebook SDK is telling me? I am new to this, and have no idea what key hashes are even for, but I know I need it if I am to publish my game with social features.

Please post here or email me at zaddbuzuki@gmail.com for a little insight on what I could be doing wrong. Much appriciated.

Allright i found a solution for this.
first of all, i dont know if you’re using a debug key or a release but eather way do this

  1. the hash key facebook is printing on login, is the one you want.
  2. Just write it down and add a “=” sign at the end of it like this Vn+6tUYKfqhLr3TGqF8Qx7km8P4=
  3. Add this hash key to your facebook developer

Now it should work

Let me know if this helped :slight_smile:

Thank you. This works for me. Just need to COPY/PASTE from device and not typing it due to some crazy characters in my case.

its so easy write your hash key like this in facebook site with capital and small letters and will work