Facebook SDK - Send lives between users - FB.API() problem

Hello everyone,

I want to send lives between players. I’m trying to get the object ID with FB.API but I can’t.

This is my code:

Dictionary<string, string> formData = new Dictionary<string, string>();

formData["og:url"] = "http://samples.ogp.me/746045498766635";
formData["og:title"] = "Sample Life";
formData["og:type"] = "bubbleparadisetwo:life";
formData["og:image"] = "https://fbstatic-a.akamaihd.net/images/devsite/attachment_blank.png";
formData["og:description"] = "";
formData["fb:app_id"] = "730922200278965";

FB.API("/app/objects/bubbleparadisetwo:life", HttpMethod.POST, SendLiveCallback, formData);

And the result is:

“java.io.FileNotFoundException: https://graph.facebook.com/app/objects/bubbleparadisetwo:life

Can you help me? Thanks in advance,



Dictionary formData = new Dictionary();
formData["og:title"] = "Sample Life";
formData["og:type"] = "bubbleparadisetwo:life";
formData["fb:app_id"] = "730922200278965";   
Dictionary formDic = new Dictionary();
formDic["object"] = Facebook.MiniJSON.Json.Serialize(formData);
FB.API("me/objects/bubbleparadisetwo:life", HttpMethod.POST, SendLiveCallback, formDic);

The question now is how to ask for lives???

I can use FB.AppRequest with OGActionType.AskFor
… but what ObjectId then if it’s not yet created?

Hi, where i can find Open Graph page on my developer account? @js2k1