Facebook SDK web player FB.init problem

Hi, I’m trying to run the InteractiveConsole example of the FB skd,
I’m using unity 4.2.1 and the FB sdk 4.2.4 (I tried with other version of the FB SKD).
I compiled the project and I assigned the apropriate app-id with a valid app that i already created.
Im using Xammp in my computer.
in facebook I setup the following

then I go to my web browser and I load the game, but when I clic on FB.init, nothing happens. in the right side,the message still says Facebook Dll: Not Loaded
any recomendation? I realy appreciate your help. thanks in advance.

PD: in edit-proyect settings-editor, I write in the field Host URL: http://localhost/

You cannot use local URLs in a Facebook app, also the new FB rules forces you to use a secure SSL page to host the Unity file. Try to deploy to a Dropbox public folder for example, and set the public link in your Facebook app detail.

The unity facebook API cannot be used on the webplayer unless the webplayer is deployed on the facebook canvas. The docs do say that, but its hidden so far deep that you will be lucky to find it.

Options to solve are

  1. Deploy the app on facebook canvas
  2. Use a stand alone, IOS or android build
  3. Click the button from within the unity game window
  4. Build your own system to log in