Facebook Share missing title and description

Hello Unity Community!

I’m trying to create a facebook share option for my android game. Here’s some code:

	public void ShareToFacebook(){
			new Uri("la la la url here"),
			"My High Score",
			"Think you can beat my "+_score.ToString()+" score?",
			callback: ShareCallback
	private void ShareCallback (IShareResult result) {
		if (result.Cancelled || !String.IsNullOrEmpty(result.Error)) {
			Debug.Log("ShareLink Error: "+result.Error);
		} else if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(result.PostId)) {
			// Print post identifier of the shared content
		} else {
			// Share succeeded without postID
			Debug.Log("ShareLink success!");

However, the share that shows up contains only the link, no title or description show up. Any ideas why? Note that I only did the FbInit, and not the login as well. They said it’s not required.

Thanks for your time!

Hello Ashky,

Yes they didnt mention it in sdk.
If you take a closer look to their tutorial game “Friend Smasher”, they couldnt share how many friends smashed! (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/games/unity/unity-tutorial)

Check the Brag and NewsFeed part of tutorial.

And yes no appstore links can be used and also you can not use facebook app center link too. I tried it too.

Here is the facebook support answer for it ;
“The URL, you are trying to scrape / modify the title & description for is a facebook.com URL: Redirecting.... you cannot change these details for facebook.com URLs.”

Here is my bug report ticket : Log into Facebook

I used my games blog post link.

Hope it helps for your situation until you make your own plugin =)