Facebook , Twitter Share Button for IOS and Android

hey guys i need help’bout a subject.how can i integrate sharing score in facebook and twitter.
I need to have a detailed tasklist what to do.
I am new at this kinda stuff and really need detailed help for my game .
Thanks in advance.

This is a pretty complicated task, and I don’t believe there is an all in one solution that someone can just spit out for you. If your’e looking for a third party solution, I would highly suggest Prime31’s solutions for Unity.


They are a bit high in price, but integration is pretty seamless and requires minimal coding. Prime31’s support and tutorial videos for their tools are also excellent.

You should try UniShare, a sharekit for unity3d, both iOS, Android support, include twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc.

Sometimes it’s better to use standard platform-specific sharing functionality.
It’s sharing intent in Android. And in iOS it’s new social functionality included stating iOS6.

I created small package for my internal purposes that allows to easily integrate such kind of solution to your games. It’s available for free at: GitHub - vedi/share-bunch-unity3d Currently it supports just text sharing, but it can be easily extended.

Any feedback is appreciated.