[Facebook][Unity]FB.GetAuthResponse does not call callback

I’m trying to add Facebook integration to my Unity Webplayer app for use in a Facebook canvas.

I’m following the provided examples, and I’ve got the FB.Init working along with a Login method if the player is not ‘connected’ with the App that prompts for permissions.

Where the code fails, though is when the user is already connected - I’ve got the following being called via FBInit…

	private void SetInit() {
	    enabled = true; // "enabled" is a magic global
//now log them in
		DebugStreamer.Log("Attempting to log player in...");

	        FB.Login("email,publish_actions", LoginCallback);
			DebugStreamer.Log("Already logged in..." + FB.UserId);
			DebugStreamer.Log("calling GetAuthResponse.");
	public void Callback(FBResult result)
		DebugStreamer.Log("Got callback");
		DebugStreamer.Log("Result:" + result.Text);

When the FB.GetAuthResponse is called, I get the debug message after it, but I never get the debug message from the callback. I’ve no idea why this isn’t working…

Using Unity 4.2.2 & the FB SDK 4.3.3 build # 131013.cbd3dd67f02d59d

It’s also not working here
Plz help

Turns out Facebook changed the way you connect to FB once the user has already accepted your App request. Instead of the GetAuthResponse, you now need to use FB.API as below:

            Facebook.HttpMethod.GET, APICallback);

This will send the FBResult to APICallback as:

    	void APICallback(FBResult result) // handle user profile info
    	    if (result.Error != null)
    	    Debug.Log("Result = " + result.Text);