Facebook, Webplayer and the crossdomain policy

Hello there

My app runs OK when built as native, but webplayer has problem sending HTTPs to the facebook.
From the log i’ve learned that the webplayer successfuly parses FB’s crossdomain.xml and the resulting line is

Rejected because there was no AllowedAcces entry in the crossdomain file allowing this request.

I tried to upload the webplayer on a web server and configure the app on facebook, both Site URL and App Domains, but no results… So i wonder, how do webplayer apps access facebook’s graph api? Or can they? Anyone succeeded with this before?

I assume this is the parsed XML: https://www.facebook.com/crossdomain.xml

I figured this out, simply, only the graph.facebook.com has the crossdomain allowing webplayer to communicate with it. The authentication and token retrieval has to be done on a different domain, using web browser (and some fb login popup).

The app is now running HERE