Facilitator ERROR Failed to start RakPeer!

I’m trying to host MasterServer on a dedicated running machine. I had to go through a lot of trouble while compiling Master server and Facilitator but now I finally managed to compile them but now I’m stuck… I’m able to start MasterServer but I can’t start Facilitator. I tried executing


BUT didn’t work. I get this error:

I :~/infiniteskills/facilitator# ./Facilitator
18-09-2015 10:58:18     INFO    Writing PID to Facilitator.pid
IP address:
IP address:
18-09-2015 10:58:18     ERROR   Failed to start RakPeer!

I tried my best to google but couldn’t find anything. Any idea how to fix this?
Any help is appreciated.

Reboot your machine . if does not work and if you are on a windows machine do ifconfig release all and restart.