facing problem on facing the camera

hello m a 19 yrs old gal studying in bachelor level.i'm having a problem .the problem is that wenever time comes to take my snap,i feel quite okward and get nervous and can't get the good snap.due to this problem i hardly hav my own single photographs,my frend tess me a lot due to this problem. plz could u help me out.

Try the following:

var you : GameObject;

function Start()
    var youScr : YouScript = you.GetComponent(YouScript);


function Update()

Its really difficult to get 'the good snap.due', we've all been there. This is especially difficult when you have friends like tess. To get more of your own single photographs you'll probably want to start studying at the post-bachelor level now that your almost 20. That's when the 'good snap.due 'gets amazing.