Fade out a line renderer?

Hi! I am trying to make my line renderer fade out, but I have encountered some problems…

When using the Unity built in Particle shaders, you can’t access the color of the renderer. So after some searching around I found out that you had to access the _Tint property(?) (can’t remember exactly what its called). I have tried to set this up, but haven’t been able to make it work…

Does anyone know how you make a line renderer fade out?

You can access the tint color using the Material.SetColor() function. The property is called “_TintColor”. The name you use in GetColor()/SetColor() is not the name that appears in the Inspector. For these built-in shaders you can find the source here:


You can look at the source to see how the property is named. Note that this shader makes the object fully visible with a alpha of 0.5, so you will need to fade from 0.5 to 0.0.