Failed to build iOS player first time when Burst is enabled

Hi. I found that if the Burst is enabled, building IOS player is failed at first time with this error:

The copied file xcode/Libraries/lib_burst_generated.a is 13835376 bytes, but the source file /XXXXXXXXXXXX/Library/Bee/artifacts/iOS/AsyncPluginsFromLinker/lib_burst_generated.a was 13822176 bytes.

But next build is success without error. So if the project has script changes, I should run build 2 times.

Not occurred in 2021.3, only 2022.2.0b13 has this issue.

Thank you so much @Kichang-Kim . It looks like this is a known issue (with a planned fix) that only occurs with the combination of Burst 1.8 + Unity 2022.2.

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@BenjiM_Unity Thanks for investigation. Can you share public issue tracker link?

Unfortunately, the issue is being tracked internally only. The fix just landed in 23.1.0a22 and we hope to be able to land it in 22.2 soon.

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