Failed to connect to master server since days

Hello, i get suddenly this error message, when i start a server in my game :
Failed to connect to master server at

Some weeks ago it works finde and i had no problems but now, the game crash after a few seconds and i cannot connect with a other game client.

Are there problems with the master server? With older (exe) versions of my game, i have this problem,too.

The master server is currently down (this likely goes for those of you reading this in the future too!). It’s for testing purposes only, and it can go down frequently.

You can set up your own though. Download the master server project from here.

Then, in your connection script, set the address of the Master Server to your own:

MasterServer.ipAddress = "";
MasterServer.port = 23466;

There are more tools available to set up a Master Server of your own that’s a little more permanent. That’s something you’ll want to look into if you’re wanting to release a game
that requires the master server utility. Don’t rely on the default server to be up all the time.