Failed To Connect to my own Master Server

Hello ,

I managed to upload Unity Master Server and Facilitator to my own server.

	    MasterServer.ipAddress = "374.48.48.393";
		MasterServer.port = 23466;
		Network.natFacilitatorIP = "374.48.48.393";
		Network.natFacilitatorPort =  50005;

i can ping “server_ip” .But when i register my game to master server it shows error.

Failed to connect to master server at server_ip:23466

What am i missing here ?? Why its not connecting … Plz Help

you store your server_ip in a string. but if you pass it like this “server_ip”, it actually passes “server_ip” not “” or something like this. change it to:

MasterServer.ipAddress = server_ip;
MasterServer.port = 23466;
Network.natFacilitatorIP = server_ip;
Network.natFacilitatorPort =  50005;