Failed to create a project with UVCS

So I was just creating a new project (3D URP) and saw the Unity version control system as an option (Hub 3.6.1). Curious, I selected it and tried to create the project. I got the error "There was an issue creating the organization or repository".
I looked into more information on it and saw I need to sign up for it. So I did this, received the welcome email and tried the create project button once more. Still didn't work, same error.
I tried creating the repo with the browser interface. The repo was created fine but still no joy.
I noticed that you need to download a separate app for the UVCS. Ahh this must be the thing missing. I install it. I see the repo created. I try the Create button once more and it still doesn't work. I select the cloud flag in case that is needed, but it still fails with the same vague error message. I have been using the same new project page throughout this process.
I finally removed the UVCS tick and the project was created. Now I have to work out how I connect it to the repo now.
Anyone know what I missed?!! The error message should really be more useful.

Did you manage to fix it?

I did, but can't remember how I connected the repo as was quite a while ago. It was more of a rant about the FTUE for Unity in the hope they may listen and make it better! ;)

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