Failed to find AssetLoadDescriptors

I am getting a lot of console spam in-game every frame of the form:

Failed to add dependencies of asset 'assetId:10343343626002198455.compiledcollisionshape' to the load request due to error: Failed to find AssetLoadDescriptors registered for assetId 10343343626002198455.

(various asset IDs). Especially confusing is that I do not have any MeshColliders that are visible to PolySpatial (there are several in the scene, but the scene is excluded).

This is a blocking issue as the failure to load these assets is costing at least 10% of main thread frame time

How can I track down which assets these errors refer to?


I managed to track this down to BoxColliders changing their size/center each frame. This recreates the ShapeResource, which is surprisingly expensive in its own right, but also generates these errors in some circumstances (perhaps due to the shapes being recreated every frame), which absolutely destroy performance. (These are bugs/issues with RealityKit, not PolySpatial).

I worked around the issue by using nonuniform scale/translate to modify the box instead of modifying the center/size, and also pooling the colliders instead of creating them when needed.