Failed to import Animations using multiple files

I have 1 fbx without animation and 4 fbx with animations, they’re in the same folder:


According to the manual:

Unity automatically imports all four files and collects all animations to the file without the @ sign in. In the >example above, the goober.mb file will be set up to reference idle, jump, walk and wallJump automatically.

I imported ptero.fbx, but no animation was imported automatically.
Then I imported animations(ptero@xxx.fbx) manually, there appear to be indepent assets.

Did I miss anything? Thanks!

There’s no animation in main model, even after I reimport it.

Of course they are seperate assets, but Unity will automatically add the different animations to the animation list of your main model. You have to reimport ptero.fbx after all animation-assets are imported.

Keep in mind that Unity will only use assets that are “used”. A model comes in as a collection of severyl sub-assets, one of them is the AnimationClip. Unity just “links” the animationclip asset to the main models Animation component.