Failed To Load Mono On Android After Building In Unity 2018.1b3

I’m using Unity 2018.1b3 and every single time I build using mono I get an error saying “failed to load mono” and the app quits. Is there’s any way to fix this problem?

Let’s assume that currently I’m the only 2018.1b3 beta tester that encounters this bug…

I have tried the following and null of them worked:

1-Reinstall android build tools.

2-Reinstalling unity and android build tools.

3-Reinstalling AndroidStudio.

4-Reinstalling mono.Reinstalling.

5-Reinstalling windows 10, unity, android studio, Android build tools and mono

and the support team doesn’t reply to my bug reports

please if you have any suggestion or tip post it here or there

I have had this issue too, the problem is i dont know, but i have an another way to fix this.

Use Scripting Backend: IL2CPP , and then press Build and Run. Make sure you delete your current .apk in /builds to be safe, its not stable.