Failed to load PlayerPrefs

So I’m getting an error when launching a game that was created using an older version of unity and then updated to a newer version (specifically ver 5.4.0b20 to 5.4.0f3).

A pop up appears which says it failed to load player prefs probably because it was created using an older version of unity and the game never launches. The problem is that the game is live which was probably a mistake.

The user can fix this by deleting the game’s registry entries but we can’t ask every user to do this manually. Why can’t unity just do this automatically?

We’ve rolled back to b20 for now but if we ever want to update the game we’re going to have to keep this version of unity around for that.

Anyone know how to fix this quietly for the user?

If you are okay with the face tht every player will loose his/hers save, you could try:

if(PlayerPrefs.GetInt("playerAlreadyDeleted", 0) == 0){
   PlayerPrefs.SetInt("playerAlreadyDeleted", 1);