Failed to load Unity.dll

Please when ever i try to play a game or something it says, “Failed to load Unity.dll” I deleted it cleaned out my registry 100% fully so now there was no trace that the program was ever installed on my computer i even deleted everything from C:/Local Settings/Application Data. Nothing helps i tried installing Unity 3.x.x but when ever i try to unzip it i get an error saying the file is corrupt…

Please help me out i’m really frustrated. :confused: :cry:

remove unity fully and reinstall it by downloading unity from

Thats exactly what i did last time…

Run chrome as admin.

You need elevated rights to load it in some cases. I have Windows 8 and launch the browser I choose to use using the right mouse button and choose to run as an administrator. It sure is painful to expicitly state that I need to use the browser properly or should I protect myself from possibly harming my own computer. This is even more stupid considering that I am the admin of my own PC. Possibly right click on browser exe and choose compability mode and then “run as admin” for all users ?